Novated Lease

A Novated Lease is often considered the most cost-effective way for an employee to own and maintain their vehicle. A Novated Lease allows you to utilise a part of your salary that otherwise would have gone to the tax man but instead can now be used to pay for your vehicle and running costs.

Using the tax system to your benefit in this way, you’re able to minimise the overall cost of running and maintaining your car.


Fleet Discounts

Aside from the income tax savings a Novated Lease brings, a major benefit is the GST savings. Go Novated are able to access Fleet Discounts* on new vehicles.

*Majority of vehicle manufactures have a fleet program reserved for high volume purchasing companies like Go Novated where vehicles are priced below what is offered to the general public.

GST Savings

A Novated Lease grants you a GST saving on the purchase price of your vehicle. Think of it as an additional 10% discount that is out of the dealership’s control. This GST saving also applies to the purchase price of a used vehicle after you have negotiated any discounts.

Fleet Management

One of the benefits customers enjoy the most is the ease of being provided with a fuel card and having an even budget for their vehicle costs throughout the year. No longer concerned about when your next insurance or registration bill will appear in the mail or when your next major service is due. This feature really assists with your household’s budgeting.

Tax Benefits

Perhaps the most attractive feature of a Novated Lease is its ability to reduce your taxable income. You’re able to access a portion of your pay that would otherwise have gone to the Taxman and instead utilise that money to pay for a substantial amount of your car’s finance and running costs!

Myth or true?

New cars only? Huge FBT liability? I’ll never be a car owner? Low kms no benefit?
We tell you everything. Read our article about Mythbusters and feel confident to
start driving smarter!