Car Allowance vs Company Car

Car Allowance vs Company Car What to choose? This is a common dilemma. My company is offering me a company car or a car allowance. Which do I choose?To be able to determine which will be better for you, you will need to collect the following facts about the carallowance and the company car. Car […]

Logbook Lease

Logbook Lease What is a Logbook Lease? A Logbook Lease is a type of finance that takes into account your work use or business use driving. This attracts tax savings that are used to reduce the cost of your finance payments, considerably reducing the cost of car ownership. How does it work? The fiance payments […]

What is the best way to own your car in 2022?

What is the best way to own your car in 2022? There are several ways you can own your car. The key thing we all want to know is what is the best method for us to own our car based on our particular situation. Here we will illustrate a few different methods of car […]

GoNovated Comprehensive Guide

GoNovated Comprehensive Guide When it comes to getting a new car, you may find yourself considering one of these options: 1) Spending your savings 2) Taking out a loan from the bank 3) Drawing down from your mortgage However, there is one more option that could change the way you look at things: Novated leases. […]