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Go Novated is a leasing, car finance and salary packaging company. We specialise in Novated Leasing and have a team whose experience dates back over a decade.

What is Salary packaging?

What is
Salary packaging?

Salary packaging can be a tax effective way to maximise your current income.
Currently, you go to work and earn a salary, before you receive anything, the taxman takes his share, you then receive what is left. For a more detailed breakdown, contact us.

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Want rough guide as to what your new car might cost? Use our state-of-the-art online calculator to illustrate how much you can save.


Which service stations will accept my fuel car?

The Motorpass card is accepted at all major service stations as well
as many of the independents. Each service station does have a right
to refuse the card, however this must be advertised by the service station.

Can I use my fuel card to pay for car washing?

Yes, but it’s up to each individual service station, best to ask them directly.

Can I salary package just the running costs?

In order to salary package the running costs of your vehicle, you must have a Novated lease, which means your car must be under finance.


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